A220-500 VS A320neo

In this Avid Comparison we compare the Airbus concept, the a220-500 and its potential competitor the a320neo. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to consider subscribing!

Fighter Jets for FS2020

In this video, I show how to get fighter jets for Flight Simulator 2020 Follow the detailed steps in this tutorial on how to get fighter jets for Flight Simulator 2020. And before you go, make sure to watch this epic compilation Thanks for watching! Consider subscribing to my channel!

What’s a A220-700?

Is a A220-700 possible? The possibility of a a220-500 stretch of the a220 family has been discussed for some time now. But what about a a220 “XXL”? In this video, I go over that possibility. Thanks for watching! Make sure to consider subscribing if you are new.

Welcome to My Website!

Welcome to the official web home for The Avid Aviator! In here, you will be able to find recent updates from me, as well as my content from other platforms posted here. Thanks for visiting!

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